University Of Georgia (UGA)

The University of Georgia or UGA was founded in 1785 and is a public research institution situated in Athens, Georgia. The university is very well known for its diverse student body and its intake ever fall reaches nearly 35,000 students. The university was initially known as the Franklin college in memory of Benjamin Franklin and the current motto of the university is ‘to teach, to serve and to enquire into the nature of things.’

The university rankings are among the best throughout the nation with the undergraduate program gaining a ranking among the top three and the value systems adopted by the university are ranked among the top 5 in the United States. Its MBA program is also well recognized.

The college offers both undergraduate and graduate programs and also doctoral programs and the university has sixteen colleges and schools. They are: Eugene P.Odum School of Ecology, College of Veterinary Medicine, School of Social Work, School of Public and International Affairs, College of Public Health, College of Pharmacy, School of Law, Henry W.Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication,

Graduate School, Daniel B.Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, College of Family and Consumer Sciences, College of Environment and Design, College of Education, Terry
College of Business, Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

The university is very well known for its research infrastructure and receives millions of dollars as aid for conducting research. Almost all the departments of the university are involved in research work and
notably the genetics, veterinary and international trade departments are very well known. The undergraduate level students also receive scholarships and are named Rhodes Scholars. The institute has also initiated many study-abroad programs.

The university has a very well established library and has more than 4.5 million volumes of books and has the nation’s biggest map collections. The university also has a very well established athletic team and fine athletes are excused from attending classes to practice.

The university also supports various other sports activities. Some prominent persons who passed out of the university are Dan Amos(CEO of AFLAC), Robert Benham(1st African-American chief justice), John Huey(editor-in-chief of Time Inc.),

Deborah Norville(television journalist) and many others. Thus the University of Georgia is the most diverse and research oriented public universities in the United States.

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