Start School with a Theme

Each year teachers get more and more creative in order to make coming back to school fun for each of their students. These creative educators regularly plan exciting first day of school activities and do everything in their power to include each and every student in the joy of coming back to school.

One unique way that elementary school teachers are kicking off coming back to school is with a different theme each year. They then tie in each of their first day of school activities into this theme. The themes can run a wide range, but one popular theme that educators might want to consider is a watermelon theme.

Make coming back to school fun with a wide range of first day of school activities surrounding watermelons. In addition to having some juicy watermelons in the classrooms, teachers can get activities from the National Watermelon Association. Kids can make bookmarks that feature watermelons, have a cardboard garden on the wall featuring their names on the growing watermelons and participate in a watermelon hunt with clues throughout the school (enabling students to find their way around the school while learning proper hallway behavior). Other fun activities include teaching the concept of sink and float with a watermelon in a tub of water, and practicing counting by estimating and counting the number of seeds in a watermelon.

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