Special Education Automation Software

Software for special education software is Developed for those student who wish to learn advanced in their subjects, software for special education provides a complete and proven system for accelerated learning. Lessons are taught using revolutionary multi-sensory technology that includes interactive questions, cutting-edge graphics, video, audio, activities, games, audio books, integrated quizzes, and top-ranking reference materials. The Progress Report tracks student progress and provides parents a valuable tool to instantly see where a child is doing well or needs extra work. Designed for grades six through eight, Mastering Middle School works on iPod and iPod nano – great for learning-on-the-go!

Learning should be positive, enjoyable, and inspirational. That is what special education automation software has brought to the nation’s classrooms for more than a century. The special education automation software make learning fun and help teachers meet standards with students in grades Pre-K to 12. These award-winning periodicals cover social studies, English/language arts, science, and reading.

Software for teachers creates administrative reports, attendance, seating charts; Supports block schedule, traditional and trimester academic school years. Software for teacher Allows multiple terms per semester, letter and/or number grades, conduct/citizenship grades, text and numerical comments, non-graded assignments, user categories, discard lowest scores, and optional ID numbers. Many features for elementary and secondary teachers.

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