School Management Software

School Administration Software is a complete suite of applications that empowers you to automate all aspects of school management software without data redundancy and proper inter module exchange. School Management Software, nick named “School Wizard” , permits you to capture, manipulate and present student data in a meaningful manner by integrating – admission in school management software, student billing software, student attendance software, student grading software, time table management system, library management system and staff payroll management system into one integrated and easy-to-use application.

The student information module of the School Administration Software captures data regarding admissions, demographics, previous academic records, current academic choices, NOK, Nationality and Immigration details, and much more. School management software makes student registration very easy. Once data has been captured, the student information module uses this data to compile meaningful reports; and, replicates the student information wherever it is necessary. The required student information is available to the registrar at the touch of a button.

The student grading software of the School education Software allows teachers to enter marks by Once entered, these marks are automatically added up by the application to provide dynamic grades by Percentage or GPA. This application automatically determines the final student transcript/mark sheet and whether a student will be promoted.

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