Preschool Educational Software

Preschool education software offers kids educational software, video and other gift products. Our preschool education software encourages critical thinking, imagination and leadership skills and is targeted to enhance a child’s educational experience. Children are encouraged to explore the world around them through fun and engaging activities. Through our preschool educational software for Preschool children to use their observations to expand their understanding of the world and develop their ability to express themselves.

Set to very lively, toe-tapping music based on Mozart and Beethoven classics. Preschool educational software Activities focus on Cause and Effects, Labeling Emotions and Exploring social and emotional Consequences of decisions. introduce preschoolers to important pre-reading skills. Social skills are stressed throughout-Characters work together to achieve a goal, and ultimately end their experience on positive note.

Reading educational software is a training tool that will help you become a more proficient reader both online and offline. Learn to Speed Read. (2) It can be used to assess and track your reading level. (3) reading educational software can also be used as an online reading tool to help you read more efficiently while online. Utilizes Tachistoscope Technology to pace your reading. Designed for all ages. Assess and Improve your reading skills with Comprehension Tests, Drills, Games and Courses for grades 1-12 plus adults. Drills will automatically adjust training speed relative to personal reading ability.

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