Open Source Education Software

This online education software can be used to look up words from almost any program. In addition to displaying sense definitions and synonyms, online education software can find sets of related words. The database has more than 150,000 root words and 120,000 synonym sets, many proper nouns, pronunciations, and usage tags. Online educational software works off line, but when online you can also quickly view web references from various encyclopedias. Version 5.5 adds several thousand new entries and updates.

Open source education software is designed to help give you a presence on the Internet and to keep in contact with your students and their parents. Open source education software features include hassle free Web site solution, easy to use Web-based tools that do not require any knowledge of HTML, create new pages on the fly, updating pages is as easy as hitting your snooze button in the mornings, communicate with parents and students via email, and it allow parents to be up to date on current activities.

Online educational software allows you to watch more than 1900 live television channels and listen to more than 5000 online radio stations from more than 100 countries. There is no need for a TV tuner card because all the channels are streamed through your Internet connection.

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