Kids Educational Software

Kids education software was launched with the intention of giving young children better learning experiences. With a broad vision of providing a comprehensive and total kids educational products, kids education software has always been at the forefront of innovation. We have been consistently building on the range of kids educational software and products to cater to a wide spectrum of children with diverse requirements and learning objectives.

We would like to extend our most sincere gratitude to our valued visitors for the support that they have given us. To meet the rising expectations in the new millennium, we will continue to come up with more innovative kids educational software to provide the value added products to our visitors, as well as to remain resolute in our pledge to strive for service excellence in the kids learning software industry.

Our kids learning software provide Number Puzzle which is a simple mind-boggling game for young children. Start the game by clicking the “Let’s play!” button and the computer will mess up the 15 numbers in a few seconds. Your job is to rearrange them back to their original positions. You can only move the number that is next to the empty space by clicking on the number itself. You can always mess them up again in the middle of a game by clicking the “Mess up!” button. The game will stop once all the 15 numbers have been shifted back to their original positions.
Have fun!

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