Going Back to School in Later Life

It is not uncommon for an adult to seek a change in career and go back to school later in life. Going back to school can mean a great lifestyle change but one that will evolve into a future they want. Going from one profession to another is a big undertaking and is not done easily for most people. Returning to the classroom after years in the work force can be very difficult if you have not maintained the skills you need for study and assignments. First day of school activities for a forty year old can be as scary as it is for a six year old.

When they have made the choice to go back to school, older students may find it easier to adapt than they did when they were younger. They may have life skills that make learning easier and a clear view of their goals to encourage them. Young students are often in class because they have no choice. Older students are there willingly and with a plan. This may motivate them to focus and progress as rapidly as they can and move on to their new careers. They may need to balance their first day of school activities around maintaining their current job.

This added pressure over a few years of maintaining a job and going back to school can be very difficult. An older student may not be able to take on a full class load and need to spread out a program over several terms. Taking only a few classes at a time makes a return to school more manageable for a working adult.

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