Get the Right Back to School Supplies

Heading back to school can be a real drain on the bank account. In addition to purchasing new clothes and shoes for September, parents also need to ensure their children are equipped for the classroom when heading back to school. Some students may even need special items for unique first day of school activities.

Before freaking out about all the back to school items that are needed, parents should make a short list of essential items and re-use anything they can from last year. Some items that might be re-usable are backpacks, a school box, calculator, compass, report covers, scissors, rulers, a hole punch and staplers. These are good items to bring to school on the first day back, as they may come in handy for some of the first day of school activities.

Other important back to school supplies vary from grade to grade. Younger students will require construction paper, crayons, paint and other related items. The older grades will need books, notebooks, markers, index cards, pens, pencils and erasers. While shopping for back to school supplies for students, don’t forget some less obvious items, such as a day planner for high school students or a large family calendar where all the family’s appointments can be recorded. As each school year passes, use the experience to add to your back to school shopping list. Before you know it, your kids’ will be better equipped for the first day of school activities then even their teachers.

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