Fun Back to School Breakfast Ideas

Although the first day back to school can be filled with excitement and anticipation, one thing is for certain; everyone (from teachers, to parents, to students) risks the potential to run late on this first morning of a new schedule. While visions of resting in bed just a little may be running through your head, it’s important to get back to school on time for the full day of first day of school activities. So to make your first morning back to school a little easier, employ some speedy breakfast ideas to get you out the door on time.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, even though most of us rarely have time for it. To get a good start for the first day back to school, try making a fruit shake for breakfast. There are tons of combinations to make and a little preparation before hand, such as keeping some peeled, chopped bananas, or berries in a Ziploc back in the freezer will make it even easier. The shake can be drunk on the way to school, leaving both kids and teachers energized and ready for the first day of school activities.

If you actually have time to sit down for breakfast on the first day of school, consider something a little more substantial, such as instant oatmeal, or cold cereal. Yogurt with fresh fruit, nuts or granola combined with a muffin is also a great and nutritious way to quickly start the day. Although the day might seem rushed, start off with a healthy breakfast that will give both you and the kids’ brainpower throughout the morning. You’ll be ready to tackle first day of school activities and may even have some energy left over for later.

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