First Day of School Activities Set the Tone

Receiving a new class of students and planning a lesson plan for them is important for teachers of children. First day of school activities will set the tone that the teacher sets and has to work with for the whole year. The first day of school activities may introduce students to a very serious and focused type teacher. Or it may show them a teacher interested in the class and getting to know them. Many of the students may also be stranger to each other and a day of welcome and getting to know each other may pay off in the long run for the teacher. Opening the avenues of communication on a positive note will aid the teacher in connecting with the class.

Young children will enjoy games as part of their first day of school activities. The games can help the child to relax with their new teacher and become acquainted with the other new children. Adapting to a new class situation may cause tension in some children and a gentle approach is always best. It is easier to ease a frightful child in from the start rather than overwhelm him and have to work on it all term. A bad start can affect a child for a long time and delay their progress and attention to study.

A teacher hoping for the best for the class will plan the first day of school activities with care. She will want to set a respectable image that is not to intimidating to her students. Poor behavior from children may be a result of poor communication with the teacher. The teacher can hope to appeal to most of the class by planning a good first day for all.

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