Educational Software Games

Educational software for children Develop patterning skills while building colorful mosaic pictures matching the sixteen task-cards or make your own pictures! Brightly colored triangular tiles have raised pegs for grasping and help strengthen fine motor skills. Plastic activity board has recessed squares to hold your work in place. Ages 4-7. Educational software for children take students on an exploration of Holidays and Celebrations. This stunning set of education software games is a perfect complement to the Hands-on Heritage activity books, sold separately.

Full-color photos with information and reproducible activities on the back
Cards measure 81 x 11″
Set of 8

Play our educational software games! Have your students play our games! They are fun, interactive, and accessible from any Internet-ready computer. Currently, the following educational software games are available: Battle Ship-This classic is still as fun and thought provoking as it was twenty years ago, but now its electronic.

Lemonade Stand- This educational software for kids simulates the real-life task of running a lemonade stand. Start with twenty dollars, see how much you can make. Break Out- This educational software for kids is an absolute” ball” to play. It even has controls for students with special needs. Lights All- The object of this game is get all of the lights turned on. Good luck! Catch The Spy!-You are an Interpol officer who needs to track down the movement of the Green Spy. Catch him before time runs out.

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