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In our information-driven world, with education reading com you can improve your ability to interpret and evaluate data is critical. Education reading com equips students with these essential skills by helping them learn to analyze data, interpret results, and solve problems. educational resource companies will Custom-designed for the upper-elementary and middle-school classroom, the software gives students the support they need as they create and interpret nine graph types. Educational resource companies will Accompanying activities and data sets allow teachers to build conceptual understanding within the context of meaningful real-world questions.

Educational software Enhance your graphing curriculum with real-world data, provided in this deluxe version bundle! Here’s data ready to go – no need to search out and input your own. Fifty well-researched, ready-made sets provide thought-providing data for:

American and World History
Immigration and Population
Animals and Plants

Meets State and NCTM Standards:

With educational software Your students will:

Formulate and answer questions by collecting, organizing, and displaying relevant data
Compare related data sets and different representations of the same data
Represent data using graphs and tables
Find, use, and interpret measures of center and spread
Develop and evaluate inferences and predictions based on data

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