Dollar Car Rental


Not everyone owns a car. Some people who own them find themselves in positions where they don’t have access to their own car.

Maybe their car is being repaired. Sometimes people don’t want to drive their own car on a long trip. Wear and tear can be minimized this way. That’s when Dollar Melbourne limo hire is useful.

Imagine this scenario. You’re a suburbanite. But the city is where you have your job. You live near the railroad station. Since you spend so much of your time at work, why have a car sitting in a paid parking space? The car isn’t driven during the week days. Run errands on Saturday. Go to Avis or Hertz for a car for the day. Drive it around town to do all the things needed for that day, use it to drive to the local movie theater that evening, then return it on Sunday. You now have a car for $20 for your full requirements. Over the course of a year that’s about $1040, a lot less than owning a car with all the associated costs. The car rental is a bargain.

Sure buying a car is the better idea for people who need a car all the time. If the school bus doesn’t run, someone has to drive the children to school. It may be impossible to visit all the shops on a train. Then it’s like the song lyrics “Buy buy buy” a car. But with a little planning there’s no purchase necessary, just rent for the short term use.

Employee travel means reimbursement for mileage. That cost is fifty cents per mile. That’s $50 daily for a 100 mile ride. That same travel can be a lot less with Sydney limo service. It makes sense, then, for companies to consider a Dollar car rental instead of having employees drive their own cars on business.

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