Career counseling and counseling to drug addicts and alcoholics

Counseling is a process. It is necessary for the counselor to understand that counseling is a process. Career counseling refers to that professional relationship where the clients are helped to select, prepare for enter and function effectively in an occupation. According to E.G. Williamson clients problems could be classified into four categories viz. no choice, uncertain, unwise choice and discrepancy between interest and aptitudes. Process of counseling in these contexts is very much similar to that in general counseling because the development choice and establishment of a career are closely related to social and environmental influences and personality developments. Career counseling through primarily confined to education in modern system, it has wide scope in community agencies and business for employee counseling and assistance programmes. Also specified counselors do placement work and vocational rehabilitation counseling to help disadvantages or handicapped persons with respect to jobs. Considerable research gone into this field shows that career counseling is generally beneficial. The students who are drug addicted and alcoholics, they must be counseling by experienced team. Drug addiction has reached epidemic proportions in every part of the modern world. The ill effects of substance abuse are so many. These substances are psychoactive in the sense that they alter the mood, perceptions and behaviour. The so called stimulants tamper appetite leading to nutritional deficiencies and serious physical ailments. Drug abuse also leads to serious interpersonal problems like domestic violence, child abuse, sexual dysfunction’s etc. these substances induce physical and psychological dependency which makes it nearly impossible for the victim to get rid of the habit. Street crimes involving drug addicts are on the rise and reveals attempts made by them to get money to pay drug dealers. The drug abuse counselors after ruling out the need for hospitalization inducts the client into the counseling programme. They insist that the client abstain from taking drugs, as the first step, because without that, proper rapport or communication is impossible. Family members are also counseled and make aware of there faulty roles, dysfunctional communication’s etc. which have caused or perpetuated the problem. Both the client and family members receive help to develop feelings of self worth and responsibility for their behaviours. They learn to express their needs more directly. Through exploration of childhood experience they become aware of repressed negative emotions that are affecting their present behaviour. They also learn new ways of dealing with stress. Drug addicts should receive group counseling because they often lack social skills. Auxiliary services like recreational or occupational therapy helps them to cultivate new interests. Nutritional guidance helps them to cultivate healthy eating habits. Counseling ensures their successful return to the society thus alienating the problem once for all. So counseling is a very important matter for drug addicts.

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