Before Heading Back to School, Refresh School Bus Safety Tips

Going back at school after a long summer vacation can be a rambunctious time for kids of all ages. They look forward to going back to school, a light learning day, hanging out with friends they missed over summer and active first day of school activities. With all this excitement, safety, especially school bus safety, can really take a back seat. To make sure kids make it to the first day of school activities, take time to review school bus safety before letting them head back to school.

Although school bus transportation is safe, thousands of students are injured each year in incidents involving school buses. More often than not, these injuries and even some deaths don’t occur in a crash, but rather as students are entering and exiting the bus. With the anticipation of going back to school, combined with the joy of seeing friends, the first day back can make boarding an exiting the school bus a little more hazardous than other times of the year.

When taking a bus to school, remember to wait for the bus at a safe place, away from traffic and the street. When the bus reaches the curb, wait for it to come to a complete stop – usually the driver will signal you to enter. Although you may feel like bounding up the school bus steps on your first day back to school, remember to always use the handrail to enter and exit the bus. Above all, we aware of the street traffic around you when you are boarding and exiting the bus. Even through drives are required to follow certain rules of the road concerning school buses, it’s not guaranteed that they will pay attention and do the right thing. By being cautious about your safety, you should be set to arrive at school in take and able to take on all the first day of school activities.

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