Back to School Around the World

Every year it is the same story in countries around the world. Summer comes to an end and children get ready to go back to school. The back to school planning has probably been going on for a week or two before they actually arrive back at class. New school supplies need to be purchased and lucky children will need some new back to school clothes. It is a new start every year and is like a new level of learning for children that successfully completed their last year. You may not be able to find many children that will admit it but returning to class at the end of summer is an exciting time they look forward to.

Children will tell you that they would much prefer to have free and lazy days in the sun to play and waste time. The truth is that after several weeks of unscheduled time they are often happy to going back to school with its routine and social life. They may not miss the classes but they will look forward to seeing friends and participating in extra curricular activities again. Children may think they like nothing better than endless play. The truth is they respond well and grow when they have a routine to follow.

For most parents, back to school also means a return to routine. Organized days with children going off to school every day return. Parents do not need to spend as much time organizing summer activities as their children go from another year of first day activities to the next grade level completed.

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