Avoid Back to School Jitters

For some children, going back to school can be a real source of anxiety. As such, many parents and teachers are looking for new ways to ease the back to school transition for these students. Although first day of school activities can be used to help ease the tension, a lot of the work needs to take place at home.

Those most susceptible to anxiety during the back to school are those five to seven years old and 11 – 14 year-olds. One of the main reasons behind the jitters for this age group is the fact that they are usually attending a new school at this time. They worry about new first day of school activities, worry if their teachers are going to like them, worry about getting home after school and much more. Although these concerns seem trivial, for a young student starting a new school, their concerns can seem enormous.

Over the summer and when planning for the first day of school, parents should display calm and confidence about their child’s first day back to school. The kids will pick up on it. The night before, have them go to bed a little earlier so they don’t worry about sleeping in the next morning. If possible, set up play dates with other kids over the summer that will be attending the first day of school. Make sure they know the number they can reach you at during the day. If possible, give them a few pointers that will help keep the jitters at bay, such as where to eat lunch. Remind kids that the first day of school is a fun day, full of first day of school activities, new friends to be made and a change to be more grown up. Then let go with a short good-bye and watch them deal with the day like a champion.

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