A Fun Back to School Puzzle

Back to school is a fun time for both students and teachers. Although different grades approach this time with different expectations, the younger grades always look forward to fun first day of school activities. Playing name games or other getting to know you games is a great way for students to connect on their first day back to school.

One fun back to school activity for younger elementary students is to play a puzzle game as part of your first day of school activities. One easy way to play the game is to cut out apple shapes from coloured paper and write each student’s name on the stem of the paper apple. Then cut each apple in half, starting at different placing and using different scissors.

On the first day back to school, pass out the stem half of the apple to each student. This will help you learn each student’s name as they walk in the door. Then each child must find his or her seat by locating the matching half of the apple. While looking for the matching half, the students will interact with others and have fun putting together different shapes. Best of all, this is a very low cost component to your list of first day of school activities.

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